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12-14 Seater Minibus Hire

12-14 Seater Minibus 

If you are considering moving around in a group, do not consider taking your own vehicle, or relying on public transportation. Your own vehicle may offer you comfort, convenience, and flexibility. Public transportation may allow you to cut costs. We beat both in all these fronts, and our Cheltenham minibus hire service offers you the best option, all things considered. 
Taking your own vehicle means stress in driving under adverse conditions, effort in taking the right routes, fuel costs, and more. You are also limited to whatever comforts and convenience is available in your own vehicle. Public transportation may involve delays, difficulties in having to transfer multiple times, and not being available outside town limits, or in late hour. 
When you avail our 12-14 seater minibus, these vehicles are just as nimble and flexible as your own passenger car. Moreover, you get the services of a driver who knows how exactly to navigate these vehicles through the narrow town roads, and where exactly to find parking. The driver, by dint of his experience, and time on the road, is also better poised to know the best routes to take.  
Our minibus are high end models, such as Ford Transit, which come with advanced safety and comfort features. We furthermore offer unmatched flexibility, including the facility to include add-on comforts, such as on-board refreshments. 
For all these benefits, we charge the lowest rates. Per head costs come down on group travel, and more often than not, hiring our convenient and seamless minibus would work out cheaper than public transportation, let alone taking your own cars. 
It is considering these advantages, small groups of friends, family, students, colleagues, and corporate houses always chose our 12-14 seater minibus for airport transfers, nites out trios, stag do and hen do trips, concert transfers, visiting race courses, and several other purposes.  
Our minibus hire in Cheltenham operates round the clock, and we are always ready to serve you.