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8 Seater Minibus Hire

8 Seater Minibus Cheltenham
An 8 seater minibus is ideal for small groups, including family members, for just about any purpose. In fact, it offers a perfect alternative to driving your own vehicle, or relying on public transportation. 
When you drive your own vehicle, you have to consider not just the fuel costs, but also the wear and tear of the vehicle. There is the added risk of the vehicle getting damaged in heavy traffic, or being vandalised. Then, there is the stress resultant from driving under heavy traffic, or in inclement weather. When you drive your own vehicle, you are also hassled by finding parking space, and saddled with high parking costs. You, or any one of your group member, is also restricted in not being able to consume alcohol beyond a limit. 
When you opt to travel by public transportation, you may save costs, but are severely compromised in convenience and keeping your time. Public transportation may not be available to whether you want to go in the countryside, or late in the night, after returning from a concert. If you taxi a taxi, all your savings go for a toss, and you end up paying the highest. 
Our minibus hire offers a perfect alternative, and the best of all worlds. You get a stylish and modern coach, such as Ford Transit, which come with all material comforts, and superior high end features rarely matched in private cars. The drivers, who drive these vehicles, are experts, who take in all the stress, find parking, safeguard your belongings, stay sober, and return you safe and sound. 
We run a very lean organisation, and have low overheads. We also charge take a low margin. AS such, or minibus hire in Cheltenham costs the least, compared to competitors, and even taking your own car. With our Cheltenham minibus hire, you get a better vehicle, with all comforts thrown in, at a far lesser cost. It is no wonder, previous customers are praising our services to the sky, and keep coming back for more.